The Petition Site

I’m often asked where people can go to support those causes most important to them. Last night at the booksigning I noted The Petition Site and wanted to make sure I put a link to it on this blog as well!

Keep up the good work! We can all change the world for the better!

One thought on “The Petition Site

  1. Mr. Perkins:
    I am very impressed with your book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”.
    Your discussion of the un-sustainability of free-market capitalism based on ever increasing levels of consumption is right on. On a somewhat different level, I am writing about “The Death of Democracy in America”, where one of the “nails in the coffin” is our unquestioning acceptance of laissez-faire capitalism to the detriment of our own society and (as you point out) the world at large.
    If you can spare about an hour of your time, I would value your comments as to whether my “rantings” are completely off the wall before I publish it (via e-book self-publishing).

    Thank you and regards,
    Claus Gehner