The Sit-In Heard Round the World

The Sit-In Heard Round the World

by John Perkins

Returning from Istanbul where I spoke at a summit of 4,000 communications leaders and was interviewed on CNN, CNBC,  Bloomberg, and by the major newspapers about the importance of all the protest movements in the Middle East and Europe, I’m incredibly encouraged by events in my country. The sit-ins and demonstrations to protest the modern day robber barons and what they’ve done to us are inspirational. We know that those with money and power go to great lengths to cheat the rest of us.

In terms of U.S. wealth distribution: The 10 percent at the top of the economic ladder own nearly 90% of stocks, bonds, trust funds and business equity and over 75% of non-home real estate. We know that these very few exercise undue influence over the rest of us, our Congress, and our current President.

During this build-up to the campaign season it’s important to understand that our elected officials — including the President — no longer write the laws; the corporate lobbyists write and pass them through our elected officials whose campaigns they finance.  More important than whom we elect is how we, as citizens, act. Now is the time to rise up and once and for all deal a death blow to the corporatocracy that continuously evades any real consequences to their actions.

We must embrace a cause like that of our forefathers when they fought the British aristocracy. We must demand economic freedom from these modern day robber barons. Now is the time for all of us to take to the streets or at least support those who do and to use our power as consumers to stop this cycle of greed and insane materialism.

Some call for dismantling capitalism, but historically capitalism has proven to be a powerful tool for channeling creative minds into productive uses. However, in its current manifestation (the mutant form known as Predatory Capitalism) it has become extremely dangerous, a disaster — for everyone except those few who cling to the top of the economic pyramid. We must change this system and create a better world for the future.

Instead of the current corporate goal of “maximizing profits regardless of the environmental and social costs,” it is essential to insist upon a new goal for business: “Make a reasonable return on investment, but only within the context of creating a sustainable, just and peaceful world.”

Needed are a whole new set of rules and regulations to govern and keep in check the corporatocracy responsible for this failed system. We can no longer be lulled into complacency. Or allow indicators of “good news” like temporary increases in the stock market, lower oil prices, and payoffs of loans by bailed-out banks to soothe us into believing things have returned to normal. We must reject NORMAL. Normal led us into this disaster, and it continues to propel us deeper into a much worse one.

I call for all of us to take a “SIT” alongside those souls in D.C., New York, Massachusetts,  California, my home state of New Hampshire and across the country and the world and demand a true replacement for this mutant form of capitalism. Let us, the voters, the consumers, the ones whose children have to live with the policies implemented right now, insist that our business and government leaders show the courage to truly LEAD!


Don't Buy Into Homeland "Insecurity"

I hope you will take time to read my new post titled, “Don’t Buy Into Homeland “Insecurity” on .

Here is an excerpt, “If we want a peaceful, sustainable and just world for our children, then we must return to a value-system that reflects the compassion and social and environmental responsibility our nation once symbolized.”

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US economic model a failure?

I hope you’ll click on the link below to the PDF file my editorial published this week in the Latin American newspaper CORREO DEL ORINOCO.

We’ve converted it to English for you and it is in PDF format so that you can download it, print it out, and share it with your friends as well via email.

The title of the editorial, “Is the U.S. Economic Model a Failure,” and here is an excerpt:

“The predatory capitalists have pillaged the most valuable resources of countries around the planet and exploited their people in the name of profit.”

Click this link here for downloadable PDF filePerkins CORREO .

Again, please feel free to share it with your groups and friends. I’d love to hear your thoughts as always on the topic through the blog!

Many thanks!

John Perkins

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New Huffington Post Blog – Passion of 2012, Christ and the New Year

huffington postI hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your family and friends. I’ve posted a new blog on the Huffington Post and hope too that you will find time to read it.

Here is an excerpt of the post, “During this holiday season, this time of celebrating Christ and other spiritual leaders, we might all pause to think about what we can do. Like Rosa Parks, we can all sit in the front of the bus. Like the Founding Fathers and Mothers, we can sign documents (emails) proclaiming our commitment to a more just world.”

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Jonathan Curiel's True Slant Interview

true slantI wanted to post this piece Jonathan Curiel wrote after we talked at the Commonwealth Club meeting in California. Here’s an excerpt of the piece and I’ve put a link to the full article as well.

“Like other pundits and liberal economists, Perkins says the American public can’t assume Obama will do right on the economy. Through letter-writing, phone-calling, and other grassroots lobbying, people should try to “force” the Obama administration into more adequate economic reforms, Perkins said.”

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Hoodwinked Book Review by Robert Baer

I wanted to share this review with you by the esteemed author Robert Baer. He posted it on Amazon, but I also wanted to post it here as well. I so appreciate all of the wonderful feedback I that “Hoodwinked” continues to inspire. Review

Robert Baer Reviews Hoodwinked

Robert Baer is the author of two New York Times bestsellers: Sleeping with the Devil, about the Saudi royal family and its relationship with the United States; and See No Evil, which recounts Baer’s years as a top CIA operative. See No Evil was the basis for the acclaimed film Syriana, which earned George Clooney an Oscar for his portrayal of Baer. Baer has contributed to Vanity Fair, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. He is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Middle East.

“I wasn’t twenty pages into Hoodwinked when I realized Perkins nailed it. What got us into the mess we’re in today, the worst recession since the Great Depression, is the same grotesque capitalism cum corruption we shoved down the throat of the Third World since the end of World War II. (Yes, the Third World’s elites were cheerfully corrupted.)

We, and the rest of the West, learned the trick of selling unneeded infrastructure, services, over-sophisticated weapons–stuff that could never benefit anyone other than the people who lined their pockets. And yes, Perkins is right, the international economists and press were handmaidens to the thievery.

It was all fairly routine until 9/11, when the real gorging started. Tell the people their roof is on fire and they’ll give you whatever you ask for. Between 2001 and 2009 the Department of Defense budget increased 74 percent, and that is not to mention the hundreds of billions of dollars in related contracts. Nigeria on the Potomac.

Perkins is quick to state he doesn’t believe in a grand conspiracy theory. Few of the people who call the shots have ever met each other. They don’t have a playbook other than a couple of fraudulent economists like Milton Friedman and the others who worship at the altar of deregulation. No, what they have in common is an obsession with the winner takes all.

Perkins’s message isn’t going to be popular. We’re a country invested in a system in which five percent of the world’s population consumes 25 percent of the world’s resources. It’s a system we’re trying to sell to the world, only we don’t mention that we’ll need five planets to sustain it.

Perkins isn’t the pessimist I am. He says we can save the world if we green it–and, of course, start telling the truth to each other. Otherwise we end up a banana republic like the ones we know so well how to despoil.” –Robert Baer

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for your support of my work and my latest book, “Hoodwinked.” It is a great thrill to see how many people are inspired by the work. I also hope you’ll check out my new blog posts at  Huffington Post. I’m going to post as often as I can to both this blog and Huffington Post.

See you on the book tour!