Mr. Media Interview with John Perkins

I really hope you’ll take time to listen to this interview I did with Bob Andelman – Mr. Media. I’ve also included an excerpt of Bob’s writeup on my book below.

Forget Stephen King novels.

If you want some really scary bedtime reading, I’m going to recommend John Perkins new non-fiction book, Hoodwinked. It’ll leave you afraid to turn off the lights at night.

Hoodwinked is the sequel to Perkins’ previous book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and it is an eyes wide awakener. You’ll feel like you’ve been living in La-La Land all your life after reading the no-bullshit revelations about how the world’s corporatocracy really operates.

You might also feel like taking a long, hot shower because learning how American businesses really operate around the world is more alarming than any Oliver Stone paranoid cinematic fantasy.

It’s almost too wild a tale; it would be easier to believe if the book was just one story of naked greed and ambition, but Hoodwinked is page after page of ugly Americanism.

Please tune in and let me know what you think.

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